In January 2016, founder Matthew Innocenzi, great grandson of Nick Innocenzi and fourth generation, decided to venture on his own and revive the family name with a small twist; rather than manufacturing masonry block, we are designing with it.

We look forward continuing the legacy of pride, quality, and service in working with you in your building envelope challenges. 

Nick Innocenzi & Sons Consulting Engineering & Artisan knows that engineering is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to solve challenging building envelope issues.

Our Roots

Renewal of Nick Innocenzi and Sons

In 1973, Nick Innocenzi & Sons Inc. was dissolved.  The land was sold, and houses replaced the sand pits, conveyors, and outbuildings that once made NIS blocks.  Nick's sons (the second generation) were becoming too old to carry on the business and the third generation was becoming educated and earning professional employment outside of the family business. 

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Despite several challenges, including the Great Depression and the enlistment of two sons in World War II, Nick Innocenzi & Sons was successful, eventually expanding the business to not only the manufacture and sale of cement block, but the supply of all masonry supplies including brick, mortar, plaster, masonry tools, and accessories.  Many of the older structures found in the Trenton area still bear the initials, "N.I.S." forever stamped into the cement block, representing the quality of their manufacture and the testament to endurance.

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Circa 1888, Nicolito ("Little Nick") Innocenzi immigrated to the United States from a small village named Monteleone, translated in English to "Mountain Lion".  This small village is in the Italian province of Umbria, about 60 miles north of Rome.

With no education, no knowledge of the English language, and no plan, Nick settled his family on the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey.  He held a myriad of jobs, including digging septic tanks driving a horse drawn wagon, and even trying his hand at opening a bar.  None worked out.

In 1923, Nick opened his new business:  Nick Innocenzi and Sons Inc.  Manpower was provided from his 8 sons (Martin, John, Mario, Pete, Joe, Louis, Sammy, and Donato) and spanned three generations.  The family business specialized in the manufacturing of "cement block", a predecessor of today's concrete masonry units (CMU) that was comprised of cinders, portland cement, and sand.